Our Process

We’ve established a novel approach that gets our clients results.


Getting to Know You

The first step sets the foundation for our relationship. We’ll use a mix of simple forms, cloud storage, virtual meetings, and phone calls to capture your brand. We want to get know you and your entire team. The simple forms will help collect content we need for your website and marketing assets. Our secure cloud storage folders make it a breeze for you and your team to share photos, video and documents. We’ll host virtual meetings and conference calls to understand your journey so far.


Strategy Development

We’ll develop the perfect strategy to meet your business goals. Our team will provide you with a timeline and establish all of the key performance indicators. As part of the strategy development stage, we’ll perform research on your customers, competitors, and target markets.


A Solid Foundation

Once we have a strategy in place we typically start off with a completely redeveloped website. We use our specialized framework, dedicated resources, and fully managed hosting. This lays the groundwork for a feature rich experience and guarantees superior results.


Strategy Implementation

This is our favorite stage. This is when we start to see all of our plans and all of the assets come together. With everything in place we launch the marketing campaigns like a rocket into space. We’ll immediately begin to receive telemetry in the form of our designated KPIs. These will be things like impressions, clicks, visits, likes, follows, and mentions. We’ll keep track of everything and home in on what gets you the best results.


Review Results

This is going to be your favorite stage. You will receive regular performance reports. These reports will contain all sorts of brilliant insights into your online interactions. We’ll host regular meetings where you’ll get to share your feedback and our team will provide you with an in-depth look into your marketing campaign.

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