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Thanks for taking an interest in Client Technology Solutions LLC. You can only do so much on your own, so I built this company to help more businesses. I personally evaluate every potential partnership because I believe in growing long-lasting relationships. Many of my competitors are focused on growing their bottom line at all costs. While we are all in business to make money, I feel some lose sight of the importance of having strong relationships with their clients.

James DiPilla

Founder & CEO

Our Ideal Partnership

Value in Technology

At Client Technology Solutions we are all passionate about technology and the way it shapes our future. We look for partners that have a willingness to adopt new technologies that benefit their business.

Open to Change

Many businesses have been resistant to implement remote work capabilities and cloud technology. It’s completely understandable. Change is difficult but, as we have recently witnessed, very necessary. We like when our clients are open to making changes that are backed by solid evidence of necessity.

Quality Solutions

With great marketing power comes great marketing responsibility. We only work with businesses that provide quality solutions with real value. We do not work with scammers, triangle shaped schemers, or magic bean vendors.


We love to work with businesses that are passionate about what they do. That passion fuels their growth. It keeps everyone excited and helps establish strong relationships with their customers.

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We’d love to chat about how we could work together to enhance your business.

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