Cut Costs, Boost Revenue.

At Client Technology Solutions, we’re committed to connecting our clients with the right technology. These pairings reduce overhead while increasing sales to give you the competitive advantage. How can your business benefit from our expertise?

How We Deliver

Running a lean minimalist company is the way forward. We focus the bulk of our resources toward automation and streamlining our processes. We’ve abandoned most traditionalist approaches by establishing an incredible cloud environment. This reduced overhead allows us to provide our clients with high-quality solutions at a competitive cost.

More Effective Meetings
Meetings are expensive. Next time you are in a corporate meeting consider the cost of having mostly unproductive gatherings of the company’s highest paid individuals. We’ve redefined the structure of meetings and established an innovative process that gets results.

Virtualization is Key
Recent events have shown us the need for agility. The anchor that keeps us from achieving it is the physical office. We’ve virtualized nearly everything allowing us to be incredibly nimble.

Partners, Not Employees
We don’t like being employees, so we don’t have employees. There is a lot of controversy around this strategy, and it’s a huge challenge. In short, we only work with other business entities here in the US. Our specialized control systems keeps our labor costs much lower than our competitors without sacrificing quality.

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